How To Bow Out Gracefully…

Working as mature London escorts is something which is becoming more and more popular. Sure, I can understand that gents get a kick out of going out with mature girls. I am sure that many feel that they have more in common with mature London escorts, but surely you need to move on in your life. Personally I have been working for London escorts for about ten years now, and I really do think that it is time for me to duck out gracefully.When you work for London escorts, you first of all have to work rather long hours.

Some girls who join up think that they are going to end up doing like a 9 to 5 job. That is far from the truth, and I am not sure where they even get that idea from. Most of the time, you end up working very long hours. That is certainly true if you would like to make a career for yourself with London escorts. When I first started out escorting, I worked extra long hours. As my career progressed, I did cut down on some of my hours, but it is not easy to do. Working late at night is something which can be very draining as well. I would say that the majority of gentlemen who date London escorts have rather demanding careers, and work long hours themselves. They really don’t have anytime to date London escorts during the day, and to accommodate their dating needs, they end up hooking up with escorts late at night. Working the night shift is a rather special experience, and can make you feel very tired indeed.You have to be on your toes all of the time when you work for a great escorts agency, and I guess it would be fair to say that I found this part of the business very draining.

It is a little bit like being on show. When you think about an artist or a singer, you soon realise that they may only spend one or two hours on stage. The same thing can’t be said when you are an escort in London. You are more than likely to spend about 8 hours “on stage” trying to look perfect. That is far from easy, and by the end of your shift, you are often very tired.It all starts to show, and I think it is time to duck out of London escorts. I have had a great time escorting in London, but I feel that I need to move on with my life. It could be a good idea to sort of set yourself a sell by date. Some girls that I know at London escorts have done exactly just that, and they have moved on. The adult entertainment industry in London is amazing to work in, and when you have decided to move on from London escorts, you will soon realise that there are a lot of other jobs out there.

How far would you go for love

I would travel to the end of the world for love. Not all romantic relationships are going to work out, and I am quite prepared for that. Sometimes I think that many of the gents at cheap London escorts are not prepared to go far enough for love. I actually moved to London from Spain because I met an English guy that I really loved. Yes, we broke up but that is love. I managed to find a good job with London escorts and ever since then I have met a lot of lonely guys.

As a Spanish girl, I think that a lot of English men have emotional problems because they do not express their feelings very well. Many of the gents that I date at London escorts have been divorced a few times. That does not happen as frequently in Spain. Before I joined London escorts, I used to date in Barcelona. A lot of the Spanish gents that I dated had been divorced once but very few of them had been divorced more than once. I think that Spanish men are a little bit more careful with divorce. They do like to look after their families, and getting divorced twice, still carries a huge stigma in Spain.

All in all, I think that life in London is more hectic, and this is one of the reason so many men have a heard time staying with their partners. My gentlemen dates at London escorts seem to have very little time for partners and that is said. I have noticed that even on dinner dates, a lot of my gentlemen callers at London escorts are in a hurry. They eat quickly and are always glancing out their watches. You would not see that very frequently in Spain, and we think it is rather rude.

I must admit that I miss the Spanish concept of “tranquilo” at London escorts. It means to take it easy and Spanish people use it a lot. It is one of the things that are missing at London escorts, and I think that many of my gents would enjoy life more if they learned to take it easy. I have noticed that local gents here in London even walk very fast, and even push their way through the crowd. I would never dream of doing that. Walking slowly is better for you and all of that stress you get from rushing builds up in your system.

Working for London escorts is great, but I wish the local guys would chill out more. Getting guys in London to relax is not easy, and I almost get stressed looking at them. British gents are lovely, and I would give up my Spanish home land for one. But, I would not take on the British concept of stress. That is where I stop, but I would move permanently to the UK if I found the right guy. I keep on wondering if my perfect British gent is out there waiting for me somewhere. Wouldn’t that be nice….

Have You fallen out of love?

When I worked as part of a team of london escorts, I often came across men who had fallen out of love with their partners. It does happen to both men and women, and london escorts often fall out of love with their partners as well. London Escorts have feelings just like other women, and may all of a sudden no longer feel like they are in love. I am not so sure why it happens, but it happened to me as well.

Dating men who have fallen out of love with their wives is a professional hazards for london escorts, and most escorts in London do know that men really love their wives and just want a bit of fun plus special attention. It is just one of those things that we escorts accept as part of the parcel.

I was, however, surprised to discover that I had fallen out of love with my husband, and at first I was completely lost. It was a terrible feeling and I did not know what to do about it but then I realised perhaps it was a stage we were going through.


nothing like a loving embrace

How I fell in love with my husband again

My husband is my all. He is my best friend, lover and father to my daughter. When I am down he makes me laugh, and he is one of those carrying guys who even takes you to the doctor.

One day, I realised that I seemed to have fallen out of love with him. It felt like something was missing out of our relationship all of a sudden. It was around the time our daughter was five years old. She is her daddy’s little princess and he adores her. All of a sudden it seemed to me that I was just a by product of their relationship.

Instead of being the love of my husband’s life, I had turned into second best. I was sort of running the support services, doing the washing, cooking the food and getting everything ready for HIS life. Somewhere in the middle of everything my sense of independence and sense of ME had gone missing

I realised to fall in love with my husband again would mean finding and gaining back the sense of me.

It is a process

It is not easy but the sooner you appreciate that it isn’t going to happen over the night the better. At first I started to go to the gym every day, I found that exercising made me feel better and released some feel good hormones. I also met some new friends at the gym, and that helped a lot as well. A change of social circle can do wonders for your life.

Secondly, I had a new hair cut. I had always worn my hair long as a London escorts but to my surprise, I found myself at the hairdresser having it cut short.

My husband is a rather wealthy man, and he always is onto my about spending some of his hard earned cash. I used to feel really guilty about it as I had earned my own money, but I though what the heck.

I blew his money at the Red Door Beauty Rooms in London, and in the shops. At first I felt really guilty, but he did not batter an eyelid. The only thing he said was that it was nice to see that I was spoiling myself.

Slowly, slowly I realised that I may not have fallen out if love with my husband, I had fallen out of love with myself. My life had changed so much in a six years, that my sense of me had not caught up with the new me.