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The girls at Battersea escorts services like work really hard and many of them are tired at the end of the week. Anna from Battersea elites says that sometimes she just want to go home and sleep, but then you realize that a little treat might perk you up even more. There have been many times when I have just been ready to drop, felt like going home but thought better of it. Now, I know that a quick fix like a pedicure or manicure can make me feel a lot better at the end of the working week. It is the feel good factor that matters.

Battersea escorts

Battersea escorts

Tina also works for Battersea escorts and says that she agrees with Anna. It is amazing how much little treats matter, says Tina. I wish I would have realized that earlier in my life but I didn’t. Now, I take care to incorporate little treats every week and it can certainly be a great way to make yourself feel special. For instance, I like to go to the hair dresser once a week. It is just normally for a quick wash and blow dry but it can make a huge difference to the way I feel about myself.

Another one of the Battersea escorts who is a great believer in treats is Nicki. Treats are important she says. My favorite treat used to be chocolate but I think that a lot chocolate has gone rather “junkie”, so now I focus on other treats instead. My treats are not always the same and at the moment my favorite treat is a 30 minute facial. I love the way a facial can make me feel. Most facials really help to relax you but this 30 minute special can really perk me up. I feel that I am ready to take on the world afterwards, such a great feeling.

Maria is also a great believer in treats. I love water, she says, it might have something to do with the fact that I am a Pisces but everything to do with water perks me up. I have recently discovered floating here in Battersea, and now I go for a float on a regular basis. I am probably not the only Battersea escorts that do this but I find it really relaxes me. Afterwards, I can feel all of my energy returning to me. It is such a great feeling and I feel completely rejuvenated.

Little treats that don’t cost too much are nice for all of us. Battersea escorts certainly have the right idea and it is quite inspiring to discover how many different treats there are around for us girls to enjoy. I have never tried floating in a flotation chamber but I might try it. It could be a really nice experience to add to my little list of personal treats to enjoy after a hard working week. Hopefully the husband will not mind and I think that all us girls do deserve a treat at least once a week.

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