Are You In Love Or Just In Lust?

Lust vs. love is a topic that has been addressed in every generation since Adam. As young people age, their natural hormones begins to kick end. The role of parenting is to make sure that these young adults can make good decisions by providing them with the information that they need. Since this is the age of promiscuity, young people do not know where to draw the line between lust and love.

What are the differences in being in lust and in love?

Because of the type of entertainment that television provides, young people have a difficult time trying to determine what real love versus a television fantasy relationship is. This being said, young adults need clear boundaries and definitions of what love is and what it isn’t. Fortunately, there are some clear distinctions that can be made. Many of which can help to avoid the heartache of broken relationships that were not meant to last; especially because the initial foundation was built on lust instead of love. Young girls sleeping with their dates on prom night because of the tradition or being coaxed into bed by their first boyfriend, the examples of lust are far reaching, but never really complicated. Lust is all about the physical body and not real emotions so it’s easy for people to end up in bed, given the wrong time and the wrong circumstances.

How can you differentiate between the two?

Different from lust, love is not about physical attraction only, but about the heart (personal attractions that last outside of the confines of the bedroom). Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people to meet and fall in love after meeting the first time. However, because love is described as long suffering, patient, kind, not envious or jealous, these things must also be present before it is viewed as love. Therefore, with Hollywood’s version of love ending up in bed on the first date, there is no test of time or commitment involved.

How does this apply to the bedroom?

Real love, based on God’s plan for man, leads the young couple to the altar before the bedroom. The altar is where a true commitment of love and an investment is made; the marriage vows say love in good times and bad, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health. All of which is designed to obtain a firm commitment of investment that ends one night stands and casual sex which can lead to lust and a lifetime filled with heart break and unnecessary pain.

Love versus lust, there are clear and defined guidelines that can be established. These guidelines will instruct a young person to wait so that their heart will not be broken over and over again by someone that really has no commitment to love, nor to the person that they want to sleep with. Love on other hand, is patient and kind enough to wait until the appropriate steps have been taken; those that lead to the altar of love and commitment before becoming two people in lust in the bedroom.

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